Eyeglass store repents, makes nun new poster girl on Bleecker


By Lori Haught

In the latest SEE Eyewear ad on Bleecker St., a nun proclaims, “We have seen the error of our ways,” an apology to local merchants and residents for SEE’s previous ad of a construction worker grabbing his crotch with the quote, “I’ve got your glasses right here.”

Richard Golden, president and founder of the Southfield, Mich.-based company, said the ad will not be up for long, and yet another one will replace it before the store’s scheduled opening in October.

“This is our way of making peace with anyone who is offended,” Golden said. “The next hopefully won’t offend anyone, but it will push the boundaries.”

Golden said SEE is not a traditional company and nothing they do is “normal.”

“We’re a little bit into shock advertising,” he said. He also said SEE will become a great friend to the community with its involvement in local causes, but the company is not for the lighthearted.