Found boy and good Samaritan reunited in Brooklyn

The 11-year-old boy who was missing from his East New York home for five days had a touching reunion yesterday with the woman who found him on the subway.

“It’s so good to see you back home to your family safely,” said Alana Joseph, 41, enveloping Kareem Granton in a warm hug. The reunion was arranged by News 12 Brooklyn and broadcast on the station.

Precious Granton, Kareem’s mother, thanked Joseph for following her intuition and taking action after Joseph saw Kareem sleeping on the No. 4 train Monday. Joseph, who works as a nanny, contacted the station when it dawned on her that she was the mysterious passenger who had led NYPD Transit Officer Dennis Grimm to Kareem after spotting him at the Union Square subway stop.

Kareem told News 12 “he went to a video game store with a friend, his friend left and he couldn’t figure out how to get home,” so he stayed and slept on the train, said News 12 assistant news director Manoj Shamdasani.