Group sues over moving the cross

Following the move of the “W.T.C. Cross” to the site of the National 9/11 Museum on Sat., July 23, a group has decided to sue the city claiming the decision is unconstitutional.

During his weekly radio address, Mayor Michael Bloomberg defended the group, American Atheists, and their right to file suit.

“You’ve got to be careful in criticizing people. No. 1, they have a right to sue, and we’ll see what the judge says,” said Bloomberg. “This group of atheists, they’re free in our country to not believe and not practice, and we should defend their right to do that, just as we should defend individuals’ rights to practice and to believe.”

According to sources, Dave Silverman, American Atheists president, said the suit would be dropped if the 9/11 Memorial foundation were to display all other religious memorial in an equal way in the museum.