Letters to the Editor

Rejecting fire cuts

To The Editor:

Re “Accepting some firehouse cuts” (Editorial, Jan. 9 –15):

 I will not start my letter off with the word “fortunately” as you did when talking about firehouse closures. There is nothing fortunate about that in any way. These cuts are not “probably worth withstanding” as you suggest. Response times will be affected and the public will wait longer for help.

 You make it clear you oppose the shuttering of the Governors Island firehouse, which I do as well, but it’s either all or none. You either oppose all these cutbacks or none. The daytime workers and the nighttime personnel are certainly at risk should they need help whether it be for a medical or fire emergency. At least with a skeletal crew of three firefighters on the island, they can initiate pre-hospital care or an exterior attack on a fire while they wait for land units to arrive.

 The “traffic and Downtown’s construction-riddled streets” you mention that will delay these land units in getting to the G. I. ferry are present 24/7 and will delay the same units in getting to the Financial District to cover Engine 4’s area when they are closed at night. What you don’t realize is if one of the other three area engine companies is out on another call, it’s an even longer delay. Worse, if all three engines are out on an alarm together, that resident having a heart attack is waiting for an engine from Little Italy, Chinatown or Greenwich Village for help because the remaining ladder company does not make medical runs. These distant engine companies’ response times will be greater!

 Please don’t plant false securities in residents’ minds leading them to believe they will be just as safe when in fact they will not!

 Lt. Michael J. Vindigni

F.D.N.Y., Engine Company 7


 To The Editor:

Your editorial objecting to the closing of the Governors Island firehouse got it exactly right (Jan. 9 – 15, “Accepting some firehouse cuts”).  While we also appreciate the need for belt tightening, removing firemen from the island leaves workers, visitors, and priceless historic buildings especially vulnerable.  It’s a shame that the city is making this move just as the island, and its ballfields, green spaces, and art installations, are becoming a vital part of Downtown life.  Moreover, it is not clear how moving the firemen will allow the city and state to maintain the commitments they made in accepting title to the Island.  

 Robert Pirani

Executive director, Governors Island Alliance

Southbridge majority

To The Editor:

Geraldine Lipschutz, in her “ Take a stand “ letter to the editor (Jan. 2 – 8, “Take a stand, pols”), is filled with inaccuracies and does not speak for the majority of Southbridge residents.  

First of all, Geraldine calls Southbridge a middle-income development. Middle class people such as teachers and policemen could not get into Southbridge today as salaries constantly rise and the base to get into Mitchell-Lama (Southbridge) has stayed constant for years.

Geraldine talks about politicians taking a stand.  Shouldn’t these politicians, who we the people voted in, represent us? With almost 2/3 of Southbridge wanting privatization after 35 years under Mitchell-Lama, we have that right. There’s a thing called democracy which Geraldine doesn’t seem to understand. Geraldine also uses the guise as money hungry, riches, greed and other nonsense in her editorials. I personally want to know I have the security and peace of mind knowing I have outs in case of an emergency.

Geraldine also states in her latest letter, “We who have reached middle class do not want a reversal in our lives or a loss in our life style.”

Geraldine Who is “we?” Maybe the majority of Southbridge residents wants to improve their lifestyles.

Michael Wishner

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