Man accused of rigging license plate to avoid GWB toll

A Yonkers man rigged his license plate with fishing line to avoid paying a toll on the George Washington Bridge, authorities said.

Javier Marte, 41, was caught Wednesday night at about 7:15 p.m. after Port Authority police noticed he didn’t have a front license plate.

Police discovered Marte had lifted it to avoid paying the bridge toll by hooking up a piece of fishing line from the license plate to the dashboard of his white 2006 Freightliner.

From there, police said, he could pull it up and then put it back down for driving.

Marte’s back plate was bent as well, police said, so the EZ-Pass security cameras couldn’t identify him.

Marte was charged with tampering with public records and theft of services.

Attorney information for him was not immediately available.