Measuring Progress



It is time again for Chelsea Now’s Progress Report — our annual opportunity to review what has changed over the past year, while taking a look at what the next year will bring to our community, city and state.

February 2013 was an exciting time. We emerged from Superstorm Sandy with the prospect of watching a new neighborhood being created right before our eyes, with the groundbreaking of Hudson Yards. We anxiously prepared to cover the high-stakes game of musical chairs known as the NYC elections. Then, we looked to Albany with the hope that New York State would finally live up to its progressive roots and pass a Women’s Equality Act (it didn’t).

Jennifer Goodstein Publisher, NYC Community Media, LLC
Jennifer Goodstein
Publisher, NYC Community Media, LLC

Now in February 2014, as we eagerly look forward to the final Polar Vortex of a particularly long winter, we anticipate a spring that will bring expansion along with its annual promise of renewal. As the High Line continues to grow beyond 30th Street, we’ll have a bird’s-eye view of the historic transformation happening at Hudson Yards. As a new neighborhood changes the physical landscape between Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen, we will watch to see what changes our politicians will bring.

It is too early to judge the performance of our new Mayor, Bill de Blasio, and Chelsea’s new City Council representative, Corey Johnson. We can say Mr. Johnson has garnered an impressive Committee Chair, leading the Committee on Health. He has also proposed legislation calling for new fire safety measures. It’s great to see Chelsea’s local councilman hit the ground running!

As the gubernatorial election ramps up, we will be keeping a close eye on Albany. The clash between Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio over Pre-K has been all over the news — and we would put money on a bet this age-old Upstate NY v. NYC battle will play out in the election.  So pop some popcorn and get a good seat to watch the political fireworks coming our way.

Here at Chelsea Now, we have news of our own (no doubt already noticed by our loyal and valued readership). In a bid to represent Community Board 4’s entire area of coverage, we will continue our expansion into Hudson Yards and Hell’s Kitchen — by reporting on causes and concerns all the way up to 60th Street (while retaining our commitment to the schools, arts organizations and businesses in “Central Chelsea,” from 14th to 30th Streets). But in a city that’s always changing, some things will remain the same: Aunt Chelsea will be here to dole out her tough but fair advice, and we will be just as unyielding in our mission to deliver community news that’s full, fair and free.

We at Chelsea Now want to thank you for your engagement online and off, and your willingness to share thoughts, opinions and news. Together, we’re not just measuring progress — we’re making it happen.