Police Blotter: Week of March 31, 2016


blotterGRAND LARCENY: Caught in the Craigslist crossfire | In need of a wingman, or just wanted to show-off? It’s unclear why a 28-year-old woman decided to bring her new Craigslist acquaintance to the W. 26 St. apartment of a friend at around 10:45 p.m. on Thurs., Mar. 24 — but it was certainly a decision they were soon to regret. The pair sat on the friend’s couch and chatted for a bit, until the woman asked her new companion to leave her friend’s home. Shortly thereafter, the gracious host noticed that his wallet — containing various credit cards, IDs, a MetroCard, and $200 cash — had been taken from the area near the couch. Later, a $78 purchase was made with his card at Andy’s Deli (106 Seventh Ave., btw. Grove & Christopher Sts.). This grabby guest just might get caught — as there is video of the incident, and the woman provided police with a photo of the man, taken from his Craigslist ad.

 ASSAULT: After hours ambush | A “Heart”-less encounter in the early morning of Fri., Mar. 25 might not have knocked a patron of Barracuda bar down, down, down, down on his knees — but the aftermath sure must’ve burn, burn, burn, burned for a bit. The 36-year-old victim — who was reportedly sitting at the bar (275 W. 22nd St., btw. Seventh & Eighth Aves.) and engaged in a conversation at about 3 a.m. — was approached by a stranger, who proceeded to repeatedly strike him in the face. The 25-year-old aggressor was arrested, while his vexed victim complained of pain and suffered visible redness to his face.

GRAND LARCENY: Dame double dips with roomie robbery | While most roomies err on the side of discretion, one man’s highly costly, forgotten fling on Fri., Mar. 25 may very well have prompted an apartment meeting about overnight guest policies. Early that morning, at around midnight or so, a 27-year-old man entered his W. 22nd St. apartment and saw an unknown female there within — who quickly left upon the resident’s arrival. Assuming that the woman was a friend of his slumbering suite-mate, he went to bed, thinking nothing of this brief interaction — until the morning. When his 29-year-old roommate woke up at about 10:15 a.m., he was at a loss as to why his credit card was missing — until the groggy reveler was reminded of his visitor (which, due to his intoxication, the man had forgotten about). Upon further inspection, the pair found that the 27-year-old’s $700 MacBook Air laptop had also been pilfered.

CRIMINAL MISCHEIF: Automatic teller mayhem | Thankfully, for all those analog, booth-dwelling tellers out there, most banks are closed on Sundays — sparing them from one man’s violent outburst. Instead, their robotic brethren played the victim, at about 7 p.m. on Sun., Mar. 27. That’s when the man approached an ATM at a Western Union Pay-O-Matic location (94 Eighth Ave., btw. W. 14th & W. 15th Sts.), and soon became irate when his debit card wouldn’t work. This anger was then taken out on the poor cash machine, which he handily broke the card swiper of, accruing over $250 in damages. While the hothead fled, he failed to realize that ATMs usually have heavy surveillance — and this one, equipped with cameras, was no exception. In a further stroke of bad luck for the man, the 29-year-old employee who reported the crime informed authorities that the perp’s personal info was also available on their computer system — which, though not accessible at the time of the report’s filing, could be provided by management, to more easily catch the criminal.


THE 10th PRECINCT: Located at 230 W. 20th St. (btw. Seventh & Eighth Aves.). Commander: Deputy Inspector Michele Irizarry. Main number: 212-741-8211. Community Affairs: 212-741-8226. Crime Prevention: 212-741-8226. Domestic Violence: 212-741-8216. Youth Officer: 212-741-8211. Auxiliary Coordinator: 212-924-3377. Detective Squad: 212-741-8245. The Community Council meets on the last Wed. of the month, 7 p.m., at the 10th Precinct or other locations to be announced. The next meeting is Apr. 27.

THE 13th PRECINCT: Located at 230 E. 21st St. (btw. Second & Third Aves.). Deputy Inspector: David Ehrenberg. Call 212-477-7411. Community Affairs: 212-477-7427. Crime Prevention: 212-477-7427. Domestic Violence: 212-477-3863. Youth Officer: 212-477-7411. Auxiliary Coordinator: 212-477-4380. Detective Squad: 212-477-7444. The Community Council meets on the third Tues. of the month, 6:30 p.m., at the 13th Precinct. The next meeting is Apr. 19.

CASH FOR GUNS | $100 cash will be given (no questions asked) for each handgun, assault weapon or sawed-off shotgun, up to a maximum payment of $300. Guns are accepted at any Police Precinct, PSA or Transit District.