Scoopy’s Notebook


Reshma’s return:

Schmoozing about mayoral candidates at the Village Independent Democrats’ Awards Gala last Thursday, East Village Democratic State Committeeman Michael Farrin marveled at Bill de Blasio’s impressive street operation. But, Farrin said, it really galls him that the public advocate, in January, hired Reshma Saujani to be his deputy advocate for special initiatives. Saujani, who has a Wall St. background, was perceived as taking a pro-Wall St. stance in her primary race against Congressmember Carolyn Maloney last year. With de Blasio, Saujani is the executive director of the Fund for Public Advocacy, a nonprofit fund to help subsidize the public advocate’s activities. Political observers note that having Saujani onboard will also help de Blasio raise campaign funds from Wall St.


Our Scoopy’s item in last week’s issue on the Community Board 2 chairperson race incorrectly stated that the election would be held this month. At this month’s full-board meeting, the Nominating Committee will report its results — and other candidates can be nominated from the floor. The election will be held at the board’s June meeting. As we said last week, Brad Hoylman appears to be a shoo-in for C.B. 2 chairperson. Meanwhile, at Community Board 3, we hear that Dominic Pisciotta is running for re-election to a fourth straight year as chairperson, and, so far at least, we’re not hearing of any challengers. C.B. 2 has an unofficial term limit of two years in a row for its chairpersons, but C.B. 3 doesn’t have any such term limits.

‘Mosaic’ update:

Back to talking at his familiar manic pace once again, Jim Power, the East Village’s “Mosaic Man,” called us Tuesday to let us know he’s no longer on the mood-altering drug Depakote. “I got off that crap with the help of a local doctor I could trust,” he said. “I want to report I’m back — and just as crazy! I feel healthy, my veins are back. I’m still at The Lee, and I’m not going anywhere.” No longer inhibited by ego-dampening drugs, he told us how he thought Andy Warhol was “antisocial,” Basquiat was “a junkie,” and proclaimed himself “the No. 1 public artist in the United States — and possibly the world.” The lamppost-adorning artist just completed two “huge signs” for the new Meatball Shop on Greenwich Ave. and the one on Bedford Ave. What’s more, he said, he’s going to sue The Lee, the supportive-housing building where he lives on East Houston St., and its operator, Common Ground, plus Beth Israel Hospital and the city for his having been kept at Beth Israel eight days last month and compelled to take medication. “I’ve been a very quiet, humble guy all along — that has changed, sorry,” he warned. “I’m going to do a blog on The Lee,” he added. “Oh yeah, there’s trouble coming, baby.”   

Sorry! Apologies to Sheri Moon Zombie, Rob Zombie and Apocalynn. Idle gossip is an evil thing. (Apocalynn urged us to print this, and we thank her for it.)