Showed ‘editorial courage’

To the editor:
Re: “E.R. and hospital still needed at St. Vincent’s site” (talking point, by Alan Gerson, Aug. 4)

I commend you on your editorial courage in printing Alan Gerson’s talking point. Your editorial position has consistently favored the Rudin/North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System plan for a stand-alone emergency facility, and I salute and respect you for publishing such a strong talking point that gives a viewpoint that differs from your own. Thank you.

No sane person who reads Mr. Gerson’s column could possibly be in favor of the North Shore-L.I.J. plan for medical care at the former O’Toole site.

I would like to reprint 200,000 copies of his talking point and flood New York and Albany with his words that you published.

A full-service hospital as desired by the Coalition for a New Village Hospital is there to protect you and your staff, and your loved ones. What if a gas main exploded in front of your offices? It would propel you to the forefront of advocates for a true emergency room for the West Side.
Liz Ryan