Uptown subway shove: Police link attacker to other assaults

6 train
Photo by Dean Moses

The suspect wanted for shoving a senior straphanger on an Uptown subway track may also be responsible for other assaults in the area, police say.

According to police sources, a 74-year-old man was waiting for a 6 train at 68th Street and Hunter College just after midnight on Tuesday morning when an unhinged man who was reportedly shouting to himself pushed him in an unprovoked attack.

“He gets accused of staring at the male and he’s spontaneously just shoved onto the tracks,” NYPD Assistant Chief Joseph Kenny said.

The man apparently was pushed a great distance before landing directly on his back and neck on the tracks. Fortunately, no inbound train was arriving at the station and an MTA agent was able to help pull the elderly commuter back onto the platform. While initially his injuries appeared to be minor—consisting of cuts and bruises—Chief Kenny said that the victim had to be admitted to the hospital due to multiple rib, pelvic, and spinal fractures. 

Police say they have video footage of the encounter, and the suspect matches the description of a homeless individual who has made several assaults in the area in the past.  The perpetrator is described as being between 35 and 45 years of age while appearing disheveled. 

Police say they are combining over video footage and are working with patrol officers in the area on the case.

“We are showing those photos to officers, we are going to catch this guy,” Chief Kenny said.