Vaccine allocations from feds to New York to increase by 20%: Cuomo

Governor Andrew Cuomo at his press conference in Manhattan on Oct. 5
Photo by Mark Hallum

The programs are in place, but the shelves are empty, as Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio have lamented in recent days.

But that may not be the case going forward, as the federal government has agreed to increase allocations of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine by 20% in the coming week, from 250,000 to about 300,000, in order to meet the demand of the 7 million New Yorkers eligible to receive the shots.

“We had a meeting this morning with White House officials, with the governors across the states, and we actually got good news. Federal Supply will increase. Again, if you remember, the federal government, increased the supply to the state,” Cuomo said. “Last week, and they said that 16% would continue for three weeks. That was also a big deal. The knowing what we’re getting so we can actually plan. Otherwise, we were going week to week. And it was a surprise every week… So, knowing what we get three weeks in advance, is very helpful.”

With some aspects of New York City life normalizing after efforts by various agencies to get transportation infrastructure back online, appointments for vaccines will commence on Wednesday after a day hiatus, Cuomo said.

With above-ground subway service canceled as well as Port Authority Trans Hudson, commuter trains and some expressways being suspended on Monday due to the snowstorm, appointments were pushed back.

After all these arteries are back in service for the general public, vaccinations can now commence.

“Those people who have an appointment, they have a supply that supply is not going anywhere. So don’t worry about that. But, yes, it’s a day delay,” Cuomo said. “It wasn’t worth the risk to have people out on the roads today. And yes, they did a remarkable job in clearing roads and getting the subways up and the rail up. but it still wasn’t worth the risk. And tomorrow we’ll be back in business.”

After drawing criticism for comments on Monday that suggested restaurant workers should not be eligible for the vaccine at this time, Cuomo opened the gates for these essential workers today.