March Madness comes to Brooklyn

In honor of March Madness, the team at A.S. & Sons Diamonds is giving everyone a score by making a proper investment.

During a time when inflation and interest rates are rising, leave it to A.S. & Sons Diamonds to go against the grain. Their first basket will be geared towards cutting interest on all collateral loans. The A.S. & Sons Diamonds team prefers to do things their way, so instead of upping your interest rates, the company is doing charity work every year, such as clothing, food and toy drives for the community, in an effort to help make a collective change across the board.

The second basket will be aimed at assisting their clients with their purchase needs. Gold, silver, coins, collectibles, jewelry and watches are always a great way to invest in your future if bought with the proper knowledge, and that is what the team at A.S. & Sons Diamonds can provide. The staff has the intelligence and insight to help cater to your specific needs, so you won’t drop the ball on their watch. A.S. & Sons Diamonds are also in the top five percentile nationally when it comes to purchasing goods via second hand — if you try them out, it will no doubt help you advance in the tournament called life. 

In this world, sometimes we have to pivot, even take a step back before we can move forward, and that is what A.S. & Sons Diamonds are here for, to help you move forward. Every day we are alive is a victory, so join in on this parade of life and take a shot!

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