Brian Daboll looks to bring more pre-snap motion to spice up potentially explosive 2022 offense

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New York Giants Brian Daboll
New York Giants head coach Brian Daboll, center, participates in a practice at the NFL football team’s training facility in East Rutherford, N.J., Wednesday, June 8, 2022.
AP Photo/Seth Wenig

Brian Daboll is the next offensive mind of a long list that has changed the game. 

In the 1960s the pinnacle of offensive evolution was the power sweep. The ’70s brought “Air Coryell” and the air raid offense. The ’80s and ’90s introduced the West Coast offense and no-huddle advantage. 

Since the late 2000’s the college game has been more of a focus. Run-pass-options, quarterback zone reads, and pre-snap motion have overwhelmed opposing defenses. 

The introduction of more pre-snap motions for offenses has kept many defenses at bay. While the San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams have mastered the motion offense, other teams, and coaches are looking to implement that strategy for their offenses. 

Daboll’s History with Pre-Snap motion

Brian Daboll is continuing that trend. 

In 2021, the Giants were tied for 27th in the league in using pre-snap motion to try and lure defensive players out of position. In contrast, the Buffalo Bills, Daboll’s former team, were 14th in the league. 

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The Buffalo Bills have enjoyed some of their most successful seasons in recent memory due to the development of Josh Allen, and the offensive advancement that has taken over the league. 

During Thursday’s training camp session, the Giants unveiled their own form of pre-snap motion. In team drills, almost every offensive play was using pre-snap motion. That wasn’t by accident. 

“We’re just installing our plays right now. Installing motions, installing shifts so the guys can get used to running them. There’s time to do it, and there’s time not.” Daboll said  “We got to make sure we’re getting in and out of the huddle when there are longer plays with different types of motions. So, you’re practicing all those things so that you want to run them when it really counts that you’ve practiced them enough that you feel comfortable with them.”

Daboll’s refreshing new system has brought new excitement and an understanding from some of the Giant’s top offensive players. 

“It forces the defense to think and it puts the advantage in our hands.” Saquon Barkley said after practice Thursday. “We’ve got to execute on pre-snap, post-snap, and knowing what we’ve got to do because it can be a weapon for us.”

Part of using the pre-snap motion is to use offensive players all over the field. The Giants have a plethora of skill position players who can be used as receivers and runningbacks. For Daboll, it all comes back to the players though. 

“Smart is the first thing we look for. And we certainly put a lot on these players. One, because I think they can handle it, and if they can’t, we’ll tighten it back and make sure we do the things that they can do.” Daboll added. 

The head coach added that players like Wan’Dale Robinson and Kedarius Toney were smart players who are already a part of the pre-snap adjustment offense. Saquon Barkley is another example of a player being moved around everywhere on the field. 

The motion offense hasn’t just been an adjustment for the offense though. The Giant’s defense has been aware of the changes and notices a direct improvement. 

“The offense is showing a lot of diversity, and it definitely confuses defenses. I think when you have enough weapons on offense, you allow your offense to have that type of diversity. I think it’s good for the offense.” Leonard Williams said after practice. 

With training camp in its early phases, it’s important to remember that offenses aren’t at 100% productivity. With Brian Daboll bringing a new system to a team in desperate need of a modern offensive look, it’s going to take more than just a couple of practices to master the ideal offense. 

But from all observations, it appears the pre-snap motion is going to be used quite a lot in New York this season. 

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