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The Weekend It List: Oct. 12-14

Your time off is precious.

We happen to spend our on-the-clock hours combing through the many options NYC has to offer, so let us help you maximize those days off. Every week, we distill the very best the weekend has to offer.

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Eat it.

Any way you slice it (ahem), the pickle
Photo Credit: Lower East Side Partnership

Any way you slice it (ahem), the pickle deserves recognition. Hence, our city's own Pickle Day.

Sunday, immerse yourself in New York dillstory as the LES transforms to reflect its pickled past, when, 100-plus years ago, the area was so inundated with peddlers that a movement formed to temper the resultant scents of garlic and vinegar. Green attire optional, head to Orchard Street to taste pickles from vendors large and small. (Other foods, ice cream to potato chips, from dozens of others provide palate cleansers.)

Helping the celebratory vibe, you can even score some freebies in addition to discovering the endless possibilities of pickling via an annual contest that has, in years past, brought forth brined submissions including grapes and watermelon.

And besides "paying homage to the pickle," Pickle Guys owner Al Kaufman notes, the event is all about pickle positivity. "It has nothing to do with politics, or race, or anything controversial. It's just a nice event that celebrates pickles."

See it.

While you wait for
Photo Credit: Marisol Diaz-Gordon

While you wait for "The Office" reboot, here's something to tide you over (beyond the ongoing Ricky Gervais v. Steve Carell debate you're likely having this very moment): Off-Broadway's musical parody of the mockumentary sitcom. Yes, a parody of a show that's already satirizing a genre. With song!

From the duo behind the "Friends" musical spoof, "The Office" parody is built largely for fans, covered in breadcrumbs leading directly to the series' beloved creative quirks. But we were assured that the uninitiated would find laughs too, even if they don't get the reference to that dinner party with Jan, or the nods to endless Party Planning Committee meetings.

"You have to walk the line, because some of your audience is going to be people who know the show backward and forward, and you must make sure you hit the right notes for them," director Donald Garverick explains. "But you also have to make sure the show tracks for those who don't necessarily know it."

That's what he said.

Caffeinate it.

For a throwback that you can literally throw
Photo Credit: Nickolaus Hines

For a throwback that you can literally throw back, allow us to direct your attention to the resurrection of a 1990s cocktail culture superstar: the espresso martini.

Not that we ever forgot this foundational beverage, but area bartenders are shaking it up with renewed respect.

Greenwich Village's Dante, for instance, serves a take the joint has dubbed the nouveau espresso, which incorporates top-shelf coffee liqueur, banana, coconut and cayenne pepper. Other spots are also focused on quality ingredients, stepping far, far away from well vodka.

"There's a little bit of a mix of nostalgia and the fact that, when done well, an espresso martini really is a good drink with some unique properties," says Jim Kearns, beverage director at Golden Age Hospitality (Manhattan's Slowly Shirley and Acme, among others).

And for java lovers who prefer their caffeine separate from their spirits, this weekend sees the three-day New York Coffee Festival, fully leaded with some 75 baristas. 

We'll always raise a glass to options.

Watch it.

Don't expect
Photo Credit: The CW / Robert Voets

Don't expect "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" to be any less crazy as it enters its fourth and final season.

Sure, it's time to wrap up the Rebecca Bunch escapades, but doing so neatly would be to stray from the core of the character we've come to know (too?) well.

"Believe me, a lot of the season revolves around backsliding," says series co-creator Aline Brosh McKenna. "It's the same as with a [mental health] diagnosis. Just because you know that you have certain tendencies, it doesn't mean that all of a sudden you become a perfect person who doesn't make mistakes."

Also key this season: white privilege . . . and orange jumpsuits. Yep, Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) is crossing over into "Orange Is the New Black" territory -- at least temporarily.

Listen to it.

You probably don't know it, but chances are
Photo Credit: David O'Donohue

You probably don't know it, but chances are you're already a fan of this New York City singer.

After spending years behind the lyrics of more than a dozen chart-topping hits performed by popular artists, Emily Warren, 26, has just dropped her own album. Why? "I realized there are certain messages and stories that are too personal to give away," she says.

Some of the tracks marking her solo endeavor -- "Just Click" and "Not Ready to Dance" -- about relationships and heartbreak, sat completed in her notebook for nearly three years as she gathered the courage to step up to the mic.

"The lyrics are just so honest and tell the whole story in a way that every single word is personal and true and kind of uncomfortable to write, she said."

So, just go ahead and type this into your Spotify: "Quiet Your Mind."


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