DOT considering new Upper East Side bike lane

The city is considering adding a new bike lane on Second Avenue on the Upper East Side, according to the DOT.

It would be part of a street redesign from 59th to 105th streets that includes a dedicated bus lane on the west side of the street, left-turn lanes and protected bike lanes on the east side of the street. That protected lane would run from 70th to 105th streets and from 68th to 69th streets. Between 59th and 68th, travel lanes would be shared by bikes and cars and 69th will have a bike lane that is not protected.

The move comes after the deaths or severe injuries of 31 pedestrians between 2010 and 2014 on Second Avenue, according to the DOT.


-Protected bike lane on Second Avenue from 70th to 105th Street, as well as 68th to 69th Street

-Dedicated bus lane on Second Avenue for M15 Select Bus Service, which is used by 55,000 riders a day.

-Pedestrian safety islands to shorten crossing times