MoveNY plan is ‘not politically feasible,’ MTA says

The MTA chairman hit back Tuesday at Mayor Bill de Blasio, who said on Monday that the agency came out of nowhere when asking for more money — and said he doesn’t think the MoveNY plan to charge tolls on more city crossings is possible.

“We believe our proposal is fair and appropriate,” wrote Chairman Thomas Prendergast in a letter to de Blasio on the $3.2 billion the MTA is seeking from city.

He then spoke about the plan that would add tolls to free city bridges and slash tolls on MTA crossing to get more money for public transit and road maintenance.

“I have read that the city may pursue funding strategies that were not politically feasible in the past and are not likely politically feasible now,” wrote Prendergast.

“Pursuing these strategies would likely cause further delay and leave the MTA exactly where are today one year from now.”

Officials confirmed he was speaking about MoveNY. Deputy Mayor Anthony Shorris had listed the idea as an option for funding the capital plan last week in a letter.

City Hall said that de Blasio met the MTA’s request earlier this spring for $657 million for its capital plan, which was much less than the current ask.

Officials said the MTA asked for more after the budget books were printed, and that the MTA sent a letter asking for more money when Shorris asked for a sitdown about sustainable funding.

“We look forward to the comprehensive conversation we’ve repeatedly called for regarding a sustainable funding stream for this vital State authority,” said Amy Spitalnick, a spokeswoman for the mayor’s office.