NYC subways, buses brought together on one map

New Yorkers can have their subways — and buses too.

A Queens native has drawn up a new transit map that brings the MTA’s bus routes and subway lines together in one design called the “Bullet Map.”

“It makes sense that, if we have one fare system, it’s displayed together on one map,” said creator Anthony Denaro, 32. “When you visualize the system this way, people can really see their options, make better choices and use more efficient routes.”

The Bullet Map is pitched as “the first full transit diagram of New York City.” It features colored subway lines and select bus routes laid together with grey local bus and ferry routes.

Denaro conceived the idea six years ago and started working on a version for Brooklyn before expanding to other boroughs more recently.

Lines and routes are first drawn by hand before Denaro digitizes his sketches and finishes the process in Adobe Illustrator.

Unlike the MTA’s current, more geographically accurate subway map, Denaro’s is diagrammatic—drawing inspiration from the short-lived Massimo Vignelli-designed subway map—a version commuters reviled but designers cherish.

Denaro believes it’s time to update the current version, which is based on a 1979 design from Michael Hertz Associates.

“Staring at the current subway map, “I thought, ‘look at all this extra space. There are main streets, parks…,’” Denaro said. “The map does the job it was supposed to do. It’s been tweaked but the main design was from 30 years ago. Think of all the advancements in technology in that time. This map was not made for computers, apps…”

Denaro, an office manager who last year moved from the outer boroughs to Los Angeles, launched a Kickstarter this week to help fund the design of new maps within the same Bullet system.

He said the funding will help him branch out to maps that focus on accessibility, or step-less transit options, weekly Planned Service Changes and car-share and bike-share operations.

“This is a hobby, a passion,” he said. “After moving to L.A., it’s been good get a fresh perspective … It’s also a project that keeps me connected to home.”

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