Peacock spotted on subway in Brooklyn en route to a bar

Subway riders were treated to an “only in New York” moment on the subway Thursday afternoon, when a man stepped onto a train with a giant peacock.

The man and his colorful companion were seen riding an uptown 3 train in Brooklyn around 1:38 p.m. and quickly drew the attention of his fellow subway riders.

The majestic creature was so large that its tail feathers trailed onto the subway floor, even though its handler was nearly as tall as the car itself. 

It remains unclear if the bird was alive or if it was taxidermied.

The pair, he said, were headed to a bar. For what purpose? We can only imagine the likes of a pop-up circus or daytime masquerade ball. Or perhaps this subway rider, who was not immediately identified, just needed to vent to a friend who he knew would listen.

With Matthew Chayes