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What's in white sauce? Halal Guys shares secret ingredients

The more white sauce you eat, the better

The more white sauce you eat, the better you can guess all the ingredients. Maybe. Photo Credit: FLICKR/mesohungry

Ever wondered what that white sauce you want so desperately soaking your Halal food is made of?  We did, too.

The Halal Guys are known for having some of the best sauces in town, and without revealing the secrets behind their almost magical confiments, they've remained one of NYC's most popular street food carts.

Halal cart afficionados have speculated that the creamy sauce is made from mayonnaise, yogurt or perhaps a mix of the two.

In March 2013, Gothamist shared a recipe that included ranch dressing, sour cream and horseradish but the concoction still didn't quite match The Halal Guys' glorious white sauce. The New York Times speculates that tahini is intrinsic in the mysterious and mighty sauce, but we have no confirmation.

Thanks to new individual white sauce and hot sauce packets, The Halal Guys has published their top secret ingredient list (still no recipe) previously unavailable on their squeeze bottles.

Ingredients include: 

Soybean and/or canola oil
Egg yolk
Natural flavors
Black pepper
Disodium EDTA
Xantham gum
Sodium benzoate

So yeah, it looks like mayonnaise kicks off the recipe and the "natural flavors" can be anything from Grubstreet's speculated unicorn tears to a confidential spice mix we'll never figure out.

New York may never know EXACTLY what's actually in white sauce, but that doesn't stop it from being hugely delicious, if not addicting.


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