Allison Williams engaged to Ricky Van Veen

Marnie would be so jealous.

Allison Williams has become the poster child for lost and single twenty-somethings in the city thanks to “Girls,” but in real life the actress’ love life is doing just fine.

Williams, 25, is engaged to boyfriend Ricky Van Veen, People announced Wednesday night. She has been dating the College Humor co-founder for three years since being introduced by mutual friends back before she had a hit TV show.

Proud dad (and NBC anchor) Brian Williams is reportedly a fan of his future son-in-law. 

Great news all around… although the selfish HBO addict in us has to ask, what does this mean for “Girls?” Williams has mentioned choosing kids over show business before.

“My goal is to create a career I can walk away from and become a mom,” Williams told Glamour– and that was before she had a rock on her finger. 

But the budding star is so young, we won’t start worrying just yet.