‘Hand to God’ audience member tries to climb onstage to charge phone prior to performance

Sometimes when your cell phone dies, you do what you’ve got to do. It’s good to remember that charging a cell phone is like going to the bathroom: No matter how desperate you are, try not to embarrass yourself.

An audience member at “Hand to God” unfortunately learned this the hard way. According to fellow audience members, someone tried to climb onstage prior to the show’s performance to charge his phone on the set on Thursday.

Adding insult to (ego) injury, the charger was not real. According to fellow audience member Chris York, the crew had to stop preshow music, remove the phone and make an announcement.

“I am a quiet and reserved person and I took great joy in loudly heckling the idiot when he returned to take his phone,” York wrote on Facebook. “Has theater etiquette — heck, Common Sense — really fallen that far??”

“A guy jumped on stage and plugged his phone into the fake outlet on our set just before we started. @HandtoGodBway #fullmoon or #idiot?” tweeted cast member Sarah Stiles.

The play, for its part, seems to taking it in its stride. Hand to God posted a photo on Instagram of the phone charge icon with a puppet and wrote “Need a charge?” The caption read “the audience really phoned it in.”

The incident was first reported in Playbill. No word yet on who the audience member is.