Angry “Harry Potter” fans took to Twitter Wednesday, expressing disgust at the casting of Johnny Depp in “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” with many directing their anger toward J.K. Rowling.

Deadline was the first to report that Depp, 53, will make a cameo appearance in the upcoming film about the Rowling-created wizarding world and is rumored to play a larger role in the movie’s sequel.

Following much-publicized accusations of drug abuse and domestic violence by former wife Amber Heard earlier in the year during the pair’s divorce proceedings, “Potterheads” feel the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star’s on-screen presence will taint the film franchise.

“Aren’t you supposed to be a feminist?” @opaIlynch asked Rowling via Twitter Wednesday, adding in a separate tweet: “Winona Ryder’s career was ruined for [years] just for shoplifting but Johnny Depp can be abusive & immediately get cast in a big film franchise,” an observation shared and liked by more than a thousand Twitter users. Many others on the social media site expressed their disappointment at the casting news. “It feels like a huge betrayal honestly. These stories mean so much to so many of us. Knowing an abuser is profiting off them is upsetting,” tweeted @aSammyG.

Rowling had not yet responded to any of the remarks, despite being active on Twitter Wednesday.

“Fantastic Beasts,” which stars Eddie Redmayne and is set in 1920s New York City, hits screens Nov. 18.