Hoffman’s diaries reveal fight to beat addiction: Report

Entries in diaries ound at Philip Seymour Hoffman’s apartment showed the late actor was trying hard to kick the heroin habit that allegedly cost him his life, according to a report.

NYPD investigators found two diaries inside the 46-year-old’s West Village apartment where he detailed his battle with drugs, according to NBC News.

The diaries make mentions of drug deals and alleged rehab sessions with Narcotics Anonymous in Manhattan, the report said.

“It definitely contained some soul-searching. But there is also a fair amount of rambling that doesn’t make sense,” a police source told NBC.

The NYPD declined to comment about the investigation into Hoffman’s death. A representative for Narcotics Anonymous declined to comment about the report.

Hoffman was open about his drug use in the past and entered rehab for 10 days last year. He is survived by his longtime girlfriend and three children, none of whom were in his apartment during the time of this death. His body — with a needle sticking in his arm — was found on Feb. 2. Police found several dozens of bags of heroin along with prescpription medication.

The actor was found dead win his apartment on Feb. 2. Dozens of bags of heroin Three of his alleged dealers were arrested and arraigned on drug dealing charges last week.