John Oliver Trump segment coins new name: Donald ‘Drumpf’

For the entire political season, John Oliver refrained from taking on Donald Trump on his HBO show, until Sunday night when he pulled no punches against the GOP hopeful.

In a 22-minute segment on “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,” the comedian pointed out several of the 69-year-old’s candidate’s years of discrepancies about his wealth, political views and bullying as well as media manipulation. Oliver noted that Trump’s main power is selling the idea that he is a successful leader with just his name alone.

“The very name Trump is the cornerstone of his brand. If only there was a way to uncouple that magical word from the man he is,” the host said.

However, in true John Oliver fashion, he did find a way. He discovered that Trump’s ancestors were originally named Drumpf and started his own website donaldjdrumpf.com, and social media campaign #makedonalddrumpfagain. The site includes a link to a Chrome add-on that will change Trump’s name on websites back to Drumpf, and visitors can buy a red cap with the campaign’s slogan.

“To quote Donald Trump he should be proud of his heritage,” said Oliver.