Summer beach reads by Kevin Kwan, Doree Shafrir, Kimberley Tait and more

When you’ve finished your morning paper, pick up one of these books to join in on New York City’s largest unofficial reading group: The Subway Book Club. The sun is shining and you’d probably rather be reading at Rockaway Beach, or really anywhere other than a poorly air conditioned subway car, so pick up one of these beach reads to kick off your weekend reading while you commute. Turn up some ocean sounds on your headphones for the full effect while you dive into these books during rush hour.

“Rich People Problems”

By Kevin Kwan

If you haven’t read the first two novels (“Crazy Rich Asians,” “China Rich Girlfriend”) in this gloriously addicting, sardonic trilogy about unimaginable wealth and all the drama that comes with the absurd lack of boundaries a limit-free credit card permits, consider your summer reading set for June as you speed through these three books.


By Doree Shafrir

Close out of Twitter and start turning the pages of this novel by a Buzzfeed writer who gives us a glimpse into Flatiron-based startup culture via an ambitious tech journalist, an app creator, and all the workplace drama that follows them both.

“Fake Plastic Love”

By Kimberley Tait

With a title just begging to be a beach read, this novel following Ivy League grads moving to Manhattan (fans of “The Futures” will enjoy this one) offers a new, eloquently written trope on a tale so many New Yorkers are already familiar with.

“Do Not Become Alarmed”

By Maile Meloy

Already the thriller of the season, expect to see this book on beach towels and poolside loungers wherever you go this summer. A story of a family trip in Central America gone horribly wrong, you may want to read this one while you’re safe at home.

“Our Little Racket”

By Angelica Baker

It’s September 2008 in Greenwich, Connecticut, and even wealthy suburbanites aren’t immune to the financial crisis. Delve into the lives of the D’Amico family, struggling to redefine their roles and identities when a scandal shakes their nuclear unit and surrounding community. (Out June 20)

“The Windfall”

By Diksha Basu

Social status may be the conversation and literary topic of the summer, especially with this hilarious novel that delves into family dynamics and personal identity following the inheritance of an enormous sum of money by a couple in East Delhi. (Out June 27)