Yoga Yacht offers a mini wellness retreat experience in NYC

There’s a new way to get your yoga fix outside of the studio.

In the tradition of NYC organizations and workout series like Pop Up Yoga and Ironstrength comes Yoga Yacht.

Founded by Lauren Coles, the wellness retreat company organizes boat rides to beaches, where participants enjoy healthy treats and practice right on the sand.

After two years of offering the experience to corporate clients, Yoga Yacht is hosting its first event for the public on Aug. 16.

“Part of the philosophy behind Yoga Yacht is anyone can do yoga anywhere, and redefining yoga beyond what we see happening in the studio,” says Coles, 32, of Williamsburg.

Coles is also the founder of Daisy Yoga, which brings yoga to offices. With Yoga Yacht, she’s offered a similar corporate wellness perk, with past clients ranging from eBay and Jet.com to Sephora and Jimmy Choo.

Yoga Yacht will continue to offer private and corporate experiences, while adding public events to the mix.

“We see a lot of potential in educating the public about small things they can do for themselves to enjoy the moment through yoga and meditation,” Coles says. “I feel like New Yorkers don’t take enough vacations. Here’s an opportunity where we can take you on an amazing, memorable retreat in four hours.”

At the first public retreat this month, participants will meet at Manhattan’s Pier 11 on Wall Street for a boat ride to the Rockaways, where they’ll head to a beach near Breezy Point for a 45-minute yoga and meditation session on the sand led by Coles.

“It’s just an amazing little hidden gem,” says Yoga Yacht chief operating officer Emily Griesing, 28, of Park Slope. “You feel like you’re in a completely different place.”

The yoga session itself is a hatha-vinyasa blend, modified for the sand and with the expectation that people will likely be in work clothes. “It will be a well-paced class that will definitely challenge people’s balance,” Cole says.

Then it’s back on the boat to Manhattan. While on board, there will also be a live DJ and refreshments from WTRMLN WTR, Up Mountain Switchel, Harmless Harvest and more.

Yoga Yacht works with a local charter for the event, with space for about 150 people.

The organizers plan to offer more public retreats seasonally, with one to follow likely in September.

Coles expects Yoga Yacht to attract both experienced and beginner yogis — especially those doing yoga for the first time or just looking for a quick escape.

“I feel nowadays people really value experiences,” Coles says. “We’re giving an affordable experience where they can really do something that might not otherwise be accessible to them. And we’re going to be at Breezy Point, which is such a beautiful piece of New York City that a lot of people don’t have access to. It’s such a quick boat ride from Wall Street. We want it to be a quick journey to paradise.”


Yoga Yacht: Sunset Escape is Aug. 16 from 6-9 p.m. | Leaves from Pier 11 on Wall Street | Tickets $75 at yogayacht.org


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