Inside the Kings Hawaiian Breakfast Bungalow Midtown pop up

The tropical vibes are here to stay in NYC…at least until March 1st.

That’s how long the Kings Hawaiian, double decker Breakfast Bungalow space will be heating up Midtown with a crafty look and menu made from the iconic brand’s rolls. 

You’re immediately transported to another climate upon walking into the bungalow’s entrance on W. 54th and Broadway — this one much warmer and certainly very flavorful. 

A sand castle artist works in the Kings Hawaiian midtown pop up.
(Alex Mitchell)

The sweet roll themed menu spans from options like: coconut s’mores french toast with a coconut maple glaze and toasted meringue all the way to a Hawaiian chicken fried steak kastu sandwich with scrambled eggs and hollandaise sauce. 

Those and much more are products of chef Jaime Young, who’s perhaps best known for his breakfast and brunch menus at Sunday In Brooklyn.

“The menu I’ve curated fuses melt-in-your-mouth King’s Hawaiian bread with my passion for great food – including next level breakfast – so whether you’re craving something sweet or savory, you won’t be leaving hungry,” Young said.

King’s Hawaiian Breakfast Bungalow Coconut S’Mores French Toast.
(Courtesy of Kings Hawaiian)

This pop up offers more than just Young’s bountiful breakfast array as it truly does have sights and sounds like that of Hilo, HI where the roll company originated.

Whether it be the swinging the hammock that’s surrounded by tropical plants or the waterfall attached ball pit with currents and depths more mild than the Pacific, there’s plenty of hands-on decor to distract from the cold and gray that winter has recently wrapped over the city sky.

The Kings Hawaiian hammock inside the popup.
(Alex Mitchell)
King’s Hawaiian Breakfast Bungalow Ball Pit.
(Courtesy of Kings Hawaiian)

Then there’s the upstairs loft…

The upper level of the Kings Hawaiian pop up in Midtown.
(Alex Mitchell)

This perhaps showcases all the pros of living on a volcanic island.

Enjoy light up storm clouds that are paired with rainbow lighting and a photogenic setting that will make you the envy of many an Instagram feed while you overlook the bungalow’s bottom as you chow down on a hand crafted brunch.

On the theme of handcrafted, the bungalow also partnered with Tastemade to give hands on demonstrations for turning a Kings Hawaiian roll into a great dessert during a media preview. 

That little concoction is a hallowed out, Kings Hawaiian roll filled turned into creampuff with a chocolate dip, Oreos crumbles, and nuts to top it off.

An up close look at the do it yourself dessert roll.
(Alex Mitchell)

Guests can also do similar customizations using than 50 toppings and sauces on various kinds of rolls and bread, according to the brand.

Tickets to the Breakfast Bungalow are $25 for adults and $10 for children and again, it’s only here through March 1.

Staying true to its name, this pop up at 1701 Broadway will only be open from 8 a.m.- 1 p.m. until Friday and then 9 a.m.- 3 p.m. over the weekend before it closes up shop for good.

King’s Hawaiian Breakfast Bungalow Exterior.
(Courtesy of Kings Hawaiian)