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TV characters as Clinton and Trump

At a certain point of political or social prestige, you’re bound to be immortalized in some form of fictional fashion. "SNL" sketches aside, TV programs often feature characters and storylines that draw similarities from history.

With their statuses as presumptive presidential nominees, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have provided plenty of fodder for television characters. While the Clintons have been in the national spotlight as political figures for nearly 20 years, Trump has only recently emerged from the business world as a politician. If you watch closely enough, some TV characters bear similarities to Clinton and Trump.

Read on to see which leaders on the small screen resemble the current candidates for president.

Mellie Grant from 'Scandal'

If we track Mellie's journey throughout
Photo Credit: ABC

If we track Mellie's journey throughout "Scandal," it's remarkably similar to Clinton's. Mellie begins the show as first lady, married to a president who is having an affair. Sound familiar yet? She learns about her husband's affair early in his presidency, but stays in her marriage, keeping it a secret for the sake of her husband's career. She makes a run for U.S. senator from Virginia, establishing residency in a state she's never lived in; Clinton of course was a U.S. senator from New York. And as her husband's second term wraps up, Mellie runs for president. She even faces off against a fairly Trump-like Hollis Doyle, a businessman who relies on rhetoric to drum up support. Of course, some differences are sure to exist in this fictionalized arena: Mellie is a Republican, she divorces her husband and makes her career progression rather quickly. Despite these differences, both sit in the same space as presidential nominees for their respective parties, gearing up for November.

Clinton likeness: 8/10

Leslie Knope from ‘Parks and Recreation’

If Leslie Knope knew she was on this
Photo Credit: NBC / Ben Cohen

If Leslie Knope knew she was on this list, she'd be honored. Leslie idolizes powerful women in government, keeping framed photographs of her favorites in her office, including Nancy Pelosi, Madeleine Albright, Michelle Obama, herself, and of course, Hillary Clinton. In her 2016 campaign, Clinton has made note of powerful women she admires through Twitter campaigns and other campaign advertisements. Leslie loves government. Loves it. She loves working for the people, and in her small town Parks and Recreation office, she gets to do just that. She moves on to bigger offices in the later seasons of the show, becoming a member of the Pawnee city council, deputy director within the National Parks Service, governor of Indiana and possibly president of the United States. Leslie's character shares political drive and savvy with Clinton, as well as a politically minded husband, but not much else -- it's doubtful that we would ever see Clinton fangirling over meeting Joe Biden or crying in a coat room and brushing off John McCain.

Clinton likeness: 4/10

Sansa Stark from ‘Game of Thrones’

Sure, Sansa is a teenager who has been
Photo Credit: HBO / Helen Sloan

Sure, Sansa is a teenager who has been married against her will twice and lives in a mystical kingdom. But she is bold and will stop at nothing to take what is rightfully hers. She has faced a few setbacks since leaving Winterfell, but in the current season, she has become a significant player in the game of thrones. Clinton too has faced setbacks and losses, but is closer to her goal than ever before--she lost in her 2008 bid for the presidency, but only Donald Trump and the country's voters can stand in her way now. Both Sansa and Clinton have their biggest battles in their future, but they've come far. Sansa had lofty expectations of becoming a queen at the series start, running headfirst into a betrothal to Joffrey and relying on others, but she is prepared now to be the leader she has always hoped to be. Her attempts to rise to power in the traditionally feminine way were dashed each time, so after escaping the clutches of Ramsay Bolton, she prepares to take back Winterfell (and perhaps all of Westeros?) by force. Clinton also began her path towards power at her husband's side, but breaks away now to fulfill her political dreams as her own woman.

Clinton likeness: 5/10

Alicia Florrick from ‘The Good Wife’

The show begins with a woman scorned as
Photo Credit: CBS

The show begins with a woman scorned as her husband Peter Florrick heads to prison after dalliances with prostitutes raised the question of corruption. Hillary Clinton once played the role of political wife as her husband took the governorship in Arkansas and then the presidency, and like Alicia, dealt with concerns of infidelity under the gaze of the public eye. Both Alicia Florrick and Hillary Clinton, like many other political wives, decided to stay in their marriages. Alicia remakes herself as her own woman again while her husband is in jail, restarting her law career after more than a decade, much like Clinton, who began to take on her own political roles after her husband's presidency came to an end. Alicia, however, plays the role of "the good wife" much more visibly than Clinton, often acting for her husband's and children's benefit. Bill Clinton now seems to fill this role for Hillary, having reached the end of the political line and now supporting his wife with speeches and interviews.

Clinton likeness: 3/10

Claire Underwood from ‘House of Cards’

Another first lady, Claire Underwood is highly educated
Photo Credit: Netflix / Nathaniel E. Bell

Another first lady, Claire Underwood is highly educated and, like Clinton, led a successful career before her stint in the White House. She is ruthless, tough and determined, letting absolutely nothing stand in her way. Claire plays the political machine with just as much, if not more, finesse as her husband. She makes things happen, and soon enough, decides that she has had enough of the passenger seat. As Clinton restarted her political career with a run for New York's Senate seat and then as the U.S. secretary of state, Claire Underwood attempts to take back her own power with a United Nations ambassadorship and a run for the vice presidency. The D.C. of "House of Cards" seems a bit more cutthroat than the D.C. of reality, and Underwood and Clinton likely share that same distinction. Clinton is a powerful woman, but she's probably much tamer than her "House of Cards" counterpart.

Clinton likeness: 5/10

Hollis Doyle from 'Scandal'

He's loud, he's a businessman, he's had several
Photo Credit: ABC

He's loud, he's a businessman, he's had several wives, he wasn't taken seriously as a candidate, he's not afraid to do whatever it takes to get what he wants, and he has a wispy, receding hairline -- he's Hollis Doyle! Hollis was introduced early in the show as a Texas oil tycoon who plays a major hand in rigging voting equipment to win the election for Fitz. He adopts much more Trump-like tendencies as he begins his campaign for president with loud, sweeping statements about his plans for the country. His campaign slogan, "Embrace America's Tomorrow," echoes off of Trump's "Make America Great Again," and many of his lines closely resemble Trump quotes from the past year.

Trump likeness: 9/10

Jack Donaghy from '30 Rock'

As Liz Lemon's boss and vice president of
Photo Credit: Getty Images / Jemal Countess

As Liz Lemon's boss and vice president of East Coast Television and Microwave Oven Programming in the Sheinhardt wig company, Jack Donaghy is a master of business and witty comebacks. He authored a book entitled "Jack Attack: The Art of Aggression in Business," which could probably be compared to "Trump: The Art of the Deal" or "Trump: The Art of the Comeback." Jack, like Trump, makes a foray into the world of politics at one point, but ultimately turns back to his dreams of taking over the business world, while Trump is pressing forward in both his political and business-related aspirations. Much like Trump, Jack is a firm believer in capitalism, but his search for power comes through his quest to become the CEO of General Electric.

Trump likeness: 6/10

Tywin Lannister from 'Game of Thrones'

The Lannister family has, traditionally, been the wealthiest
Photo Credit: HBO

The Lannister family has, traditionally, been the wealthiest family in Westeros. Lannisters are known for their money, and Tywin Lannister takes his role of maintaining the family legacy quite seriously. Trump, like Tywin, comes from a wealthy family and has built his own empire off of those who came before him. Both Tywin and Trump sit at the heads of their family empires. Tywin does not accept the rebellions springing up within Westeros, taking action to bring them to an end when possible. Trump has pledged to make the country great again by building a wall between the United States and Mexico and taking a tougher anti-terrorism stance.

Trump likeness: 6/10

Bobby Axelrod from 'Billions'

Leader of Axe Capital, Bobby Axelrod is a
Photo Credit: Showtime / JoJo Whilden

Leader of Axe Capital, Bobby Axelrod is a self-made man now worth billions. He presents himself as a regular guy from Yonkers who has made it big, making a big show to donate to the 9/11 first responders. Trump also presents himself as an American dream success story after coming out of Queens. Bobby is incredibly confident, willing to take major risks without fearing massive fallout, like Trump in his push to speak his mind in his campaign, regardless of potential impact. Axelrod is not afraid to show off the trappings of his wealth, like his office building, private plane or Metallica concert access. Trump has made his own success quite visible, branding most of his business ventures with his name and publically proclaiming that his primary campaign would be run with his own money. Bobby Axelrod doesn't seem to have any political aspirations, perfectly happy to continue dominating the financial markets, but certainly knows how to play political and legal games.

Trump likeness: 4/10

Donald Trump from ‘The Apprentice’

Of course, we can't forget the fact that
Photo Credit: Getty Images / Slaven Vlasic

Of course, we can't forget the fact that Donald Trump played himself on his reality television show "The Apprentice." Reality television, however, isn't always reality. On multiple occasions, Trump has pointed out that the character he played on the TV show was just that, a character. Like "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" or "The Bachelor," the show depicts a reality painted with more drama and intrigue for the sake of the ratings. While Trump likely is quite similar to how he appears on the show, there are probably a few key differences amongst the real man, the presidential candidate and the TV character, even if they are all the same person.

Trump likeness: 9/10


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