Taco Bell and Pete Davidson bring ‘Bell Breakfast’ to New York City for limited time

Photo courtesy of Taco Bell

At the select New York Taco Bell location on 1501 Broadway, the Taco Bell breakfast menu will be open all day from Oct. 20 to Oct. 23. 

In an ad titled ‘The Apology’ that aired Oct. 3, Taco Bell’s Celebrity Endorser Pete Davidson, known for his stand-up comedy and time on Saturday Night Live, apologizes for Taco Bell going “a bit crazy with breakfast,” which began Taco Bell’s latest marketing campaign: “The Bell Breakfast.”

“Taco Bell got too caught up with today’s hustle and forgot people like to ease into their morning with tasty, simple food. Here to stay are delicious burritos and Crunch-things or Crunchwraps or whatever they’re called,” Davidson said in the ad. 

In the same media release of the new marketing campaign, another ad features Davidson dreaming of his ideal breakfast, where mouth-watering montages of eggs, cheese, hashbrowns and sausage play, before Davidson wakes up inside of a Taco Bell.

Photo courtesy of Taco Bell

The ad series marks the beginning of Taco Bell’s strategy to bring their breakfast menu back after reducing it during the pandemic. With breakfast crowds becoming breakthrough consumers again as people head back to work in the mornings, a focus on breakfast has returned. 

Taco Bell is offering all-day breakfast availability at select pop ups on the Las Vegas strip, Wrigleyville in Chicago and the Times Square Cantina in New York City. Nationwide customers will continue to have access to the brand’s breakfast menu from opening until 11 a.m. at participating U.S. locations during breakfast hours and as supplies last. 

“At Taco Bell, we’re always looking at shifts in consumer behaviors and identifying ways to optimize our menu to match their cravings. This pivot in our breakfast strategy aligns with consumers’ morning mentality by turning up our focus on ease and familiarity,” said Global Chief Brand Officer Sean Tresvant. “This campaign and our partnership with Pete Davidson truly demonstrate our authentic approach to breakfast. And bringing The Bell Breakfast to life in select restaurants provides a unique experience that enables our fans to engage with the brand in new ways.”

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