Beware of mistletoe drones in Brooklyn!

Love is in the air this December. Well, if it doesn’t hit you in the face first.

Dec. 4 brought the launch of TGI Fridays Mobile Mistletoe Drones to the chain restaurant’s Sheepshead Bay location (3181 Harkness Ave.).

After buzzing around the UK, the flying mistletoe made its way to New York, where TGI Fridays offers diners the awkward opportunity to kiss under the overhead greenery to win restaurant gift cards. Is spinach and artichoke dip really worth smooching a stranger? Perhaps after one of the restaurant’s signature peppermint mudslides.

Intrigued by the hovering holiday decor, Brooklyn Daily photographer Georgine Benvenuto headed out to the Sheepshead Bay location to capture the action.

Though while holiday romance was supposed to be in the air, one of the drones “flew out of control and clipped [Benvenuto] in the nose with one of its spinning, uncovered blades.” Brooklyn Daily reports.

Drone operater David Quiones, who was deemed responsible for the accident, told Brooklyn Daily he doesn’t think the incident will deter customers from the restaurant. “If people get hurt, they’re going to come regardless. People get hurt in airplanes, they still fly. There is a risk involved — anything flying, there is risk.”

Not risky enough, amNewYork‘s photographers did not attend this allegedly dangerous event.

No casualties from Mobile Mistletoe Drones have been reported.