What a Christmas gift! A surprise engagement for Philly couple in Times Square

Philly couple gets engaged in Times Square
Nagma Vohra and Shubham Garg have a photo op before the police ushered everyone out
Photo by Bob Krasner

Nagma Vohra thought that she and her boyfriend of 15 months, both engineers from Philadelphia, were heading to New York City just for a family reunion of relatives from India and Canada — but Shubham Garg had something else in mind as well.

About two weeks ago, Garg set into motion the machinations that would culminate in his proposal to Vohra in Times Square, on Christmas Day.

While much of the city was empty, Times Square was about as full of tourists as you might imagine. Getting her to the spot through the capacity crowd wasn’t easy, but he managed to guide her to the east side of Father Duffy Square, where she was greeted by gigantic images of the two from various occasions and vacations on one of the larger billboards.

Surprise engagement on Christmas in Times Square
Nagma Vohra (R) realizes what’s happeningPhoto by Bob Krasner
Having popped the question, Shubham Garg waits for the answerPhoto by Bob Krasner
She said Yes ! Nagma Vohra gets the ring from Shubham GargPhoto by Bob Krasner

She was speechless when she realized that there was a group of family members the ground holding up the letters “will you marry”, but she did manage to say yes when Garg got down on one knee and popped the question.

The family waits with their messagePhoto by Bob Krasner
Photo by Bob Krasner
Shubham Garg and Nagma Vohra relax after the photo opsPhoto by Bob Krasner

They managed to kiss and pose for a few pics before the police barreled in and announced, “This is a thoroughfare, keep moving!” to the assembled crowd, who were clapping and cheering and making good use of their phones.

Nagma Vohra and Shubham Garg, surrounded by family in Times SquarePhoto by Bob Krasner
Nagma Vohra and Shubham Garg, engaged in Times Square on Christmas DayPhoto by Bob Krasner

As for the couple, Garg and Vohra couldn’t be happier.

“My fiancée was so impressed — she wasn’t expecting anything!” he said. As for how he felt, it was simply “fantastic and fabulous.”