Miley Cyrus bares (almost) all at Alexander Wang Fashion Week party

Miley Cyrus made a major Fashion Week statement without wearing much of anything.

The pop star went topless, except for a pair of ice cream cone-shaped pasties, at Alexander Wang’s secret after-party at a Bushwick warehouse on Saturday night.

Cyrus — who paired her pasties with high-waisted pants and rainbow-hued sunglasses — shared a couple of pictures on Instagram, posing with Wang (with her tongue sticking out, of course) and someone else wearing an animal mask.

According to Paper magazine, “not surprisingly, Miley took the night,” with her (lack of) clothes and dance-floor twerking. She also reportedly chain-smoked some, ahem, funny-looking cigarettes, Paper wrote.

In some online photos, Cyrus appears to have a rash on her chest, but said, via Twitter, that it was just some party remnants: “Btw I didn’t have some weird rash. I got pink glitter rubbed all over me. #RAVE.”

The guest list also included Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. Tyga performed.

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