New York City students say ‘Yes’ to the prom dress

Fifty New York City high schoolers said yes to the dress (or the tux) on Monday.

The prom dress, that is.

TLC brought a live teenage edition of “Say Yes to the Dress” to the city for its fifth annual “Say Yes to the Prom,” where high-achieving students from all five boroughs were selected to attend the day of pampering and preparing for the big end-of-year dance.

Flanked by more than 3,000 glittery dresses — all donated — hanging in the basement of the Intercontinental Times Square, Monte Durham, best known for helping brides on TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta,” posed for photos with local students, all decked out for prom. From here, they’ll take home the donated dresses and accessories to re-create the look for the upcoming spring dances.

“Picking a prom outfit is about so much more than just the dress or the tux,” Durham said. In fact, prom is so not just about the dress that SYTTP decided to include male students in this year’s program. “It really is about empowerment and building confidence, in addition to achieving some fabulous looks.”

Durham, who struggled financially with his own prom outfit (it was yellow, he looked like a banana and doesn’t recommend mimicking the look) aims to help students prepare for their futures, long beyond prom night, but it all starts with saying yes to one important outfit.