NYC fitness pros share their healthy tips for traveling

One pro tip while your travelling: Run along the beach during your vacation.
One pro tip while your travelling: Run along the beach during your vacation. Photo Credit: Alison Fox

Airport grub and thousands of miles between you and your regular gym can quickly throw off any diet or fitness regimen. But if you’re traveling this season, there are easy ways to stay on track. New York City fitness trainers share their tips for staying in shape while on the road. And don’t forget to pack your sneakers and gym clothes.

Pack an in-flight snack

Forget the soda or candy. SoulCycle instructor Sydney Miller goes for coconut water and a bag of nuts with a few dark chocolate chips or protein-packed cookies and cream-flavored Quest bars for her carry-on. “I always come prepared with my favorite healthy snacks so I don’t fall victim to those fattening, salty airport snacks that make you bloat,” she says.

Pre-book a class

Cyc Fitness creator Keoni Hudoba always finds himself more accountable when he books a studio class in advance. “Do your fitness research prior to your arrival to your vacation destination,” Hudoba says. “If you’re headed to Miami, Google the best hot yoga, cycling or boot camp. Write down the classes and book in advance.”

Get creative with equipment

You don’t need dumbbells to feel the burn. “Household items like water jugs, towels and chairs can be used to add either challenge or assistance depending on your ability level,” Refine Method founder Brynn Putnam says.

Exercise outside the gym

Similarly, if you don’t have access to a regular gym, it’s easy to make do without one. “Incorporate your destination into your fitness routine — such as runs on the beach and walks through the city,” PUNCH Fitness Center top trainer Nuno Furtado says.

Do something native

“Schedule a workout that is indigenous to the area,” recommends Flywheel Sports master trainer Holly Rilinger. “If you’re in Australia, book a surf lesson. When in Nevis, hike Nevis Peak.” Indeed, isn’t travel all about seeing and experiencing things you can’t find at home anyway?

Work out with friends and family

Exercise doesn’t have to be something you do by yourself but can be part of the whole gang’s itinerary. “Turn your workout into a game,” suggests Throwback Fitness owner Brian Gallagher. “If you’re at a pool, race. In the morning or before going to bed, create a series of exercises and see who can do them [the fastest].”