Staten Island dog Daisy makes adoptive history

It wasn’t until after bringing Daisy to her new Staten Island home that Angela and Brad McKenzie found out what made their pup extra special — she was PetSmart’s seven-millionth adoption.

The McKenzie family adopted the 1-year-old fox terrier-fox hound mix through Louie’s Legacy, PetSmart’s Staten Island shelter partner, on Aug. 13, according to a PetSmart news release. One month later, Daisy’s milestone rescue is being celebrated. The pet retail chain and charity group is releasing the stories of six dogs, including Daisy, and one kitten, who are now living it up in their new forever homes.

“She’s a wonderful dog,” Angela told PetSmart. “So, to find out that she was the seven-millionth and we were able to save her, and now she’s this poster child for pet adoption — it’s amazing. She just happened to be that one lucky dog, in both respects.”

Angela and Brad saw Daisy’s photo on the Louie’s Legacy’s website and instantly fell in love. They had been searching for a new addition to the family and had a few hopes in mind. They wanted to find an older dog who would get along nicely with their rescued 7-year-old great Dane mix and two children.

“We’ve always chosen older dogs because so many people ignore them and only want a brand-new puppy,” Angela said.

After the family expressed interest in Daisy’s profile on the Staten Island rescue group’s website, her foster parent brought her to a PetSmart store in Connecticut. They introduced her to Staten Island on Aug. 13. House-trained, friendly and not quite a puppy, Daisy is, the McKenzie family told PetSmart, everything they had been looking for in a dog.

“She didn’t have any problems adjusting to our house, and obviously we haven’t had any problems adjusting to her,” Angela said.

The perfect addition to your family might just be waiting in a shelter, too.