Autumn in The Village and Soho: Residents revel in season’s arrival at local block parties

Children having fun with large building blocks at Vesuvio Park. (Photos by Tequila Minsky)

BY TEQUILA MINSKY | Under a sunny sky, with autumn-perfect weather, local neighborhood community gardens, playgrounds and block associations in Greenwich Village and Soho celebrated the season this past weekend.

In the Swedish clothing store Gudrun Sjödén on Greene Street, visitors added their own toppings —peanuts, chocolate chips, coconut and more to fresh warm caramel topped apples.

Painting and crafts part of the Soho Block Party in Vesuvio Park

Among activities in Vesuvio, playing with gigantic building blocks

Batter-up in Vesuvio Park

Kat Minogue entertains just outside Vesuvio Park, along Sullivan Street. Kat is “The Deputy” in the bi-weekly Thompson Street Chemists gig when The Sheriff and The Deputy and others play on Tuesdays a the local pharmacy.

Neighborhood charmer, Friends of LaGuardia Board Member

The accordionist plays the favorites

Larry Goldberg and Lois Rakoff Board Members of “Friends of LaGuardia Place”

A little hand-painting

Scenes from the Lower East Side CB Community Garden Harvest Festival

Eating Al fresco on Avenue B, a community member enjoys the bounty from the community garden festival

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