Board of Elections deals with ballot small font problems

The city’s Board of Elections said there were few technical problems at poll sites Tuesday but acknowledged that the small font used on the ballots confused voters.

Mike Ryan, the board’s executive director, said he received calls from New Yorkers saying the 6-point font is hard to read.

Ryan said the small type stemmed from several factors, including the large number of candidates in certain districts, the number of languages that needed to be printed and paper size.

"There is not a lot of real estate and we have a lot of information to give," he said.

The executive director said he was in talks with the state Board of Elections to try and resolve the issue for the future.

Meanwhile, the digital scanning machines, which weren’t used during the primary, held up well during yesterday’s voting, according to Ryan.

Only one major incident took place in Park Slope, where machines malfunctioned in the morning. But they were up and running at 11 a.m.

"Folks aren’t having much of a problem with the machines. New Yorkers are adaptive," he said.