Man dies after rescue teams extract him from Jamaica Bay in Brooklyn

First responders work desperately to save the man found in Jamaica Bay.
Photo by Lloyd Mitchell

A dramatic rescue took place Sunday morning after a man was found floating in Jamaica Bay in Brooklyn, but the effort was for naught, according to police sources.

NYPD officers and members of FDNY scrambled to rescue a man found bobbing in the water just off Canarsie Pier at 9 a.m. on Dec. 12. Onlookers at Rockaway Parkway and the Canarsie Veterans Circle watched in dismay as a police helicopter hovered overhead and emergency services worked in tandem to retrieve the man floating face down in the frigid bay.

First responders work desperately to save the man found in Jamaica Bay. Photo by Lloyd Mitchell

The man appeared unconscious as FDNY swimmers and scuba divers suited up and launched themselves into the freezing water. First responders stayed by his side as they employed a series of apparatuses to fish the man out and onto the pier. Once on dry land, he was placed on a stretcher, given oxygen and whisked to Brookdale Hospital in critical condition where he later died, police said.

The man’s name has not yet been released. According to FDNY sources, they received a report of a man jumping into the water from the pier. The investigation is ongoing.

Firefighters, Harbor Divers and Emergency Services Units rescued a man found floating face down in the water at the Canarsie Pier on Sunday, Dec. 12th. Photo by Lloyd Mitchell