Trending hashtag #GetMillennialsToVoteIn5Words draws variety of responses

Another day, another trending hashtag. But this one is playing out as one part a 2016 version of MTV’s Rock the Vote, one part a skewering of stereotypes of millennials.

#GetMillennialsToVoteIn5Words is seeing a variety of responses, some ironic, some sassy, some sincere, some hilarious.

Many posts poke fun at the “me generation,” maligned for bringing us selfie sticks and social media, while others push particular candidates, particularly Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders.

These Gen-Y haikus include:

Participant trophy for every voter —@sophie_diddles

idk, yolo? smh tbh. tl:dr —@dantelfer

Free ironic hat after voting #GetMillennialsToVoteIn5Words —@KasiaEmerald

Explain the consequences of inaction. —@batshake1

Ryan Seacrest and Online Voting —@theclobra

If not now, then when? —@RyanJ_Crowley

Fox News says you won’t —@Benjamin_G_Lund

Build voting booth in Minecraft —@math_tagger

Lena Dunham campaigns for Hillary. —@fardaddy

Your vote is more important —@LouGeese

Remind Them Of The Consequences. —@EricWolfson

We will. But first…selfie! —@DocCarnell

The occasional post didn’t seem to want to be boxed in — @joshingstern did not appear to care about the word count with “Change the candidate’s names to ‘BAE’ & ‘YOLO'” — but hey, #NoRules.