Parkchester: Affordable Bronx neighborhood thrives with diversity


Parkchester complex sculptures

Spend an afternoon scavenger-hunting the more than 500 terracotta figures on the buildings in the Parkchester complex.

Virginia Park

White Plains Road between Cross Bronx Expressway and Westchester Avenue

Stroll around the loop among this greenspace’s honey terra-cotta pin oak trees on a nice day.


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Photo Credit: Linda Rosier

1375 Castle Hill Ave.

Packed floor-to-ceiling with toys and games for various ages.


Nishat Elegance Designs

2060 McGraw Ave.

Featuring Indian women’s fashions, including jewelry and Shawlar outfits.


Rainbow Florist

2134 Westchester Ave.

Founded in 1954, this neighborhood florist is also known for its food baskets.


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Photo Credit: Linda Rosier

6 to Parkchester, and Castle Hill Avenue


Bx4, Bx4A, Bx22, Bx36, Bx39, Bx40, Bx42, BxM6, BxM10, Q44

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Photo Credit: Linda Rosier

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