Conor McGregor is out of his depth ahead of Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight

Conor McGregor’s most admirable trait has nothing to do with his skills in a cage or ring. It’s not his gift of gab, and it’s definitely not his ever-expanding bank account.

What makes the 29-year-old Irishman most worthy of admiration is his ability to make his dreams and desires become a reality. He wanted to be off the dole (Ireland’s unemployment benefit), so he fought his way into the UFC. He wanted one championship, and then another. Boom, boom, he nabbed those, too.

McGregor’s greatest feat to date was willing Saturday’s boxing match against Floyd Mayweather Jr. into existence. There’s no precedent for an MMA champion hopping over to boxing to make his pro debut against the generation’s most skilled pugilist. Not even close.

Everything that comes out of the mouths of McGregor and his supporters indicates a man who firmly believes he will be the one to not only defeat the unbeaten Mayweather, but knock him cold within two rounds. And, given his history of making his dreams come to life, who’s to say he can’t pull it off?

Me. I’m saying it. Conor McGregor will not beat Floyd Mayweather.

And I’m not alone. As of Wednesday afternoon, he has climbed to around a plus-300 underdog, depending on who’s laying down the odds. Just about the entire boxing world foresees The Notorious UFC champ going down, easily.

Men have dedicated their lives to fighting under the Queensbury rules, perfecting their craft in hundreds of amateur bouts and scores of pro boxing matches. Not one has dented Mayweather and his 49-0 record, and it’s been a long time since the 40-year-old even looked vulnerable.

Why should a first-time boxer, albeit an MMA champion in his prime with slick kickboxing skills, succeed where they failed? He won’t. And if you truly believe he will, then keep dreaming.