Jets’ Garrett Wilson on Davante Adams comparison: “It’s great company to be in”

Jets wide receiver Garrett Wilson grabs a pass in front of Dolphins safety Jevon Holland.
Jets wide receiver Garrett Wilson grabs a pass in front of Dolphins safety Jevon Holland.
AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell

New Jets’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers hasn’t been shy when talking about the reigning offensive Rookie of the Year, Garrett Wilson. 

On the Pat McAfee Show Tuesday afternoon, Rodgers compared Wilson’s ability and skill set to one of the top receivers in football and an old teammate. 

“He (Wilson) is a talented guy. I threw him a pass today and just kind of turned and was like, ‘Wow.’ His ability to kind of get in and out of his breaks,” Rodgers said. “There’s another 17 I played with for a long time who does it better than anybody, but the explosiveness in and out of the breaks to 17 here is pretty similar.”

Rodgers’ comparison to Davante Adams for his new top receiver wasn’t missed by the former Ohio State product. In his first year with the team, Wilson set the Jets franchise record for yards and catches by a rookie wide receiver. His numbers eclipsed that of Adams’ first season with the Packers in 2014.

Still, being compared to the player he idolized growing up by one of the greatest quarterbacks in history was a surreal moment for him – even if that means refocusing to prepare for the 2023 season. 

“It’s awesome. It’s great company to be in. Growing up, he’s been my favorite to watch. I know where I want to be at and I have to take it with a grain of salt. I appreciate the praise,” Wilson explained Wednesday afternoon. 

Part of what made the Buckeye’s first season so memorable was the fact that the Jets struggled to find a quarterback who could consistently get him the football. New York threw three quarterbacks at the young receiver, and while he managed to put up solid numbers, many games saw the passing offense frustrated due to a lack of execution. 

That’s not to be expected with Aaron Rodgers in the fold now. 

“I saw him in the weight room and it takes a little time to realize, it still hasn’t sunk in. That’s a legend right there. I try not to think about it too much but the reality of it is it’s awesome,” Wilson said of having Rodgers now as his starting quarterback. 

Rodgers is coming off one of his worst seasons statistically over the last couple of seasons – especially after back-to-back MVP awards. For Wilson though, the fact that he plays with an all-time great at the position now is more than he could have hoped for.

“After every route, I want to be perfect. It’s another step, giving the body language to the coaches and my quarterback. That’s been my mindset. It’s new to him, and as far as football players go, but if you go out there and ball, I’ll think higher of you and that’s how it goes with new teammates,” the former Buckeye explained.

Of course, with Rodgers in the fold, and a young core of talented players, the Jets understand that they have newfound expectations they need to meet. 

“We’ve known what we have in this room. When you add someone like that, we expect to compete and beat everyone in the league. That’s always been the mindset,” Wilson stated. 

Garrett Wilson has already entrenched himself as one of the best young receivers in football. As his communication and chemistry grow with his new quarterback, that success should only increase exponentially – for both him and the New York Jets. 

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