Howard Stern blows off Chris Russo and $10,000 First Take appearance: ‘I didn’t know you were on TV’

Stern blows off Mad Dog

Howard Stern and Chris “Mad Dog” Russo have been pioneers in broadcast radio. 

Stern has been on the airwaves for 37 years now, Russo close to 34 years. Both have made a living of creating new ways for people to listen to talk radio. 

For Russo, his fiery personality made his “Mad Dog” nickname work like no other. 

And while Russo has now joined ESPN and their debate-based show “First Take” it did not catch the eyes of Stern.

On Stern’s show this morning, Russo brought up the fact that he had joined ESPN and Stephen A. Smith in a deal that paid him $10,000 for each appearance. Russo then announced that he signed on for his Wednesday appearance for 40 weeks.

Stern wasn’t aware of Russo’s latest gig.

“I don’t know anything about sports.” Stern said in response to Russo. “I didn’t know you were on T.V., but good for you and that should help you get into the Radio Hall of Fame.”

After pushing for Stern to watch the show, the long-time host said “Well you are promoting something obviously, you know I’m not that audience.”

The SiriusXM host went on to joke with Russo saying “I don’t know from First Take, second take, third take.” The show went on to joke about Russo’s partner on the show Stephen A. Smith saying he’s “another screamer.”

Russo later defended Smith saying “he’s the greatest guy in the world.” Russo later defended pairing with Smith saying that viewership has peaked because of the two yelling at each other. 

In May alone, First Take saw a 31% increase in viewership compared to last year – easily their numbers in May ever. Russo and Smith have paired nicely with several different segments of arguing and yelling. 

The conversation this morning derived from Russo being named one of 24 finalists for the Radio Hall of Fame in 2022

Stern was named to the Hall of Fame back in 2012. 

Inductees for the Radio Hall of Fame will be announced on July 25. The induction ceremony will happen on November 1 in Chicago.

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