Walc is a walking app that gives pedestrian-oriented directions in NYC

You no longer have to ask passersby which direction is east.
You no longer have to ask passersby which direction is east. Photo Credit: Newsday / Thomas A. Ferrara

A new app launched Monday makes it easier for people to find their way around New York City — with directions designed solely for pedestrians.

Walc, available for iPhone and Android systems, uses landmarks like restaurants, stores, and banks to give directions. For instance, rather than giving directions like “Head west on 35th Street,” it tells walkers to “turn left by Starbucks.”

To orient itself before giving directions, the app first asks questions like “Do you see Kmart Pharmacy?” and “Do you see Tick Tock Diner?” Walc then gives the directions once the app user spots the business or other landmark. Its map uses GPS to show pedestrians where they are, illustrating them a large blue stick figure.

Users can also use the app to search for nearby coffee shops, restaurants, banks, parks, and bars. The app shows their distance (most are between .2 and .5 miles), and gives directions to walk there.

The app does not offer pedestrians any subway directions once they are done walking — making it useful only for trips entirely on foot.