The final season of AMC's hit drama, the award-winning "Mad Men," is stirring up emotions in viewers everywhere. It's also shaking up some delicious - and classic - cocktails.

In honor of season 7, NYC & Co., the city's tourism arm, has teamed up with AMC to host Mad Men Dining Week. Taking place March 23-29, more than 30 NYC restaurants are offering two cocktails or a two-course prix-fixe lunch for just $19.69. (Get it?) 

Participating restaurants are offering dishes and cocktails that wink towards the 60s and classic New York - making this promotion all the more fun. Who wouldn't want to eat a "Cadillac" Burger at P.J. Clarke's (you remember the scene with Peggy and Pete, right? Hint: "The Twist.") or knock back a "Peggy" martini, with Creme de Cacao, heavy cream, brandy, nutmeg and an orange twist, at Delmonico's?

Mad Men season 7 premieres on April 5 at 10 p.m.