Andrew Garfield won’t be saving the world anymore, as reports say he’s out as Spider-Man.

The news of his exit came yesterday morning, after Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios announced Monday night that the two would join forces, ending the comic book civil war.

Garfield, 31, played Spidey/Peter Parker in the past two films. A source confirmed to The Daily Beast that Garfield would not be appearing in Sony and Marvel’s “Spider” future.

Naturally, we’re wondering who will be recast in the role, as the two forces combine to reboot the iconic comic book character.

We’ve got a few ideas. Hear us out:


Reeve Carney

This guy, from purely a logical standpoint, probably makes the most sense. Carney, 31, played Spider-Man in the Broadway musical “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark,” and though sometimes being good in Broadway doesn’t translate to film, we still think he’d be the most solid and safe choice for the future film.


Donald Glover

Glover, 31, is one of our favorite picks. He’s long been a huge Spidey fan, as he’s vocally expressed interest for a while now in playing him. He’s got that brilliant shy and geeky, yet cool guy thing going on for him, and he’s also a fantastic actor.


Miles Heizer

This 20-year-old came of age as Drew Holt on the recently concluded NBC series “Parenthood.” He brought a considerable amount of gravitas and emotion to the role, which could translate perfectly into Peter Parker.


Jonny Weston

Weston has done action films like “Taken 3” and comic dramas like “Kelly & Cal.” He’s a strong actor, and in his most recent film, “Project Almanac,” he played the nerdy genius high schooler role. Give him some specs and you have Peter Parker right there.


Ellar Coltrane

The star of “Boyhood” needs his next big role, and Spider-Man would be a great follow up. Maybe even get Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke as Aunt May and Uncle Ben and see if Richard Linklater wants to direct.

(With Scott A. Rosenberg)