Fall picks from Amanda Cohen, Adam Richman & more

Wondering what some notable New Yorkers are looking forward to this fall? We reached out to find out what’s on the to-do lists of a writer, chef and TV host.

Chinelo Okparanta

The novelist, whose debut novel “Under the Udala Trees” is out in paperback Sept. 20, shares what she’s most looking forward to this fall:

1. Visiting the Cloisters because I’ve heard that it is a fairy tale environment — a magical and medieval sort of architectural beauty in the middle of New York City. For the past couple of years, I lived close to it and yet never made it there. Things have settled now and I hope to make it there this fall.

2. Attending more readings at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, and, of course, picking up more books. And it’ll be for a good cause — all proceeds go toward fighting homelessness and AIDS.

3. Spending some evenings with friends at Shrine Bar & Restaurant in Harlem, eating the really good fried plantains and spicy sauce that they serve, sipping on some gin and tonic, listening to live music from around the world. (There’s also Pikine, another African restaurant in Harlem, which opened only a year ago. I’d like to stop by and check it out).

4. Watching the trick or treaters. I’m not yet a mother, but it’s always good to see adults and children alike in lovely (and sometimes curious) costumes, (hopefully) having fun.

5. Working on my next novel, which I hope will be wickedly engaging and thought-provoking.

Amanda Cohen

The Dirt Candy chef shares what she’s most looking forward to this fall:

1. Dirt Candy’s eighth birthday party in October.

2. Seeing “Bears in Space,” a puppet show at 59E59 about, yes, bears going into space.

3. Serving KFB [Korean fried broccoli] at the New York City Wine & Food Festival late-night party, Koreatown Eats, with Matt Rodbard and Deuki Hong [on Oct. 15].

4. Finally feeling hungry again because I’m not dying of heat stroke.

Adam Richman

The host of Travel Channel’s “Secret Eats with Adam Richman” shares what he’s most looking forward to this fall:

1. Going to The Cloisters and Fort Tryon Park. The autumn light through the windows and archways of that beautiful architecture is just spectacular. Walking on the pathways while the leaves are changing on the hilly rise near the Hudson is like walking through a painting by Thoreau or Wyeth.

2. NYCWFF. Obviously as a participant in this event for the past few years, I am somewhat biased, but I think the amount of events, the amount of different culinary experiences offered and the amount of talent on display is something anyone who is interested in current restaurant trends, culinary innovation, meeting personalities from food television or just sampling some of the best bites that the city has to offer, would truly love.

3. Postseason baseball. I am a die-hard Yankees fan, but I can acknowledge how blessed we are to have two baseball teams in the Big Apple, doubling our chance to have some really exciting postseason Major League Baseball championship action in NYC, whether in the Bronx or in Queens. With public transit able to get you there quickly and cheaply, and with better food than ever in both of the New York ballparks, it can be a truly memorable night and a real slice of New York in the fall.

4. Eating/cooking with local produce that’s in season. Whether you are just buying them to eat right away as a snack, cook with them or make them into preserves, New York produces nectarines, plums and pluots in September that are succulent and amazing. It’s also a great time of year for fragrant, savory leeks and green onion. And obviously, true to our name, we also have some of the very best apples.

5. Halloween festivities in New York City. Anyone who knows me knows that I love Halloween. I love coming up with a clever costume, putting a lot of thought into it and embrace being someone, or something, else for the night. I’m not the only one. And in the city with as many clever, intelligent and creative people as New York, you’re bound to see amazing things.