‘Stranger Things’ augmented reality experience comes to Google pop-up shop

Watch the Christmas lights flicker inside a new “Stranger Things”-inspired augmented reality game at the Google pop-up shop in Flatiron.

You’ll step inside Will Byers’ living room – a set that contains the iconic painted alphabet, 1980s furniture and string of lights – and Dustin Henderson contacts you via Walkie Talkie, asking for your help to guide him through a series of situations pulled from the show’s newly released second season.

Dustin and the other “Stranger Things” kids will ask for your help solving riddles and puzzles to progress through the game and story, which will open up more puzzles. (Warning: Spoilers below.)

The game starts off with Dustin telling you he’s found a strange polliwog, which he endearingly names D’artagnan, but it’s actually a creature from the Upside Down – the alternate dimension filled with monsters. Dustin asks a series of questions to make sure he can trust you and, from there, you begin to speak with other characters from the show who need your help escaping from the Demogorgon monster.

While you’re in the midst of the sci-fi drama, you can capture your time in Hawkins, Indiana, with the store’s Pixel 2 phone camera, which you can use to email or text photos to your own phone, per to the pop-up’s website. The game itself is powered by Google Home.

You’ll be able to virtually visit Hawkins and try out other electronics through November – hours are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily – at 110 Fifth Ave.

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