Morgenstern’s will hurry up with your croissants for #KanyeIceCreamWeek

Morganstern’s is ready to hurry up with your damn croissants.

That’s because they have made-to-order ice cream croissantwiches all week!

Morganstern’s is celebrating Kanye West’s 38th birthday by creating a version of his dream ice cream parlor, right on Rivington St.

First We Feast collaborated with the Lower East Side ice cream shop to create a festive menu all Kimye fans will probably want to keep up with.

Celebratory treats include:

  • I Am a God Ice Cream Croissantwich ($7): vanilla ice cream in a custom-made Arcade Bakery croissant
  • Red October Raspberry (single $4.50, double $6.50): raspberry sorbet, in honor of Yeezy’s “favorite frozen treat” and his red Air Yeezy 2 sneakers
  • Kim Kardashian Thirst Trap Sundae ($8.50): two scoops of Sesame Caramel Ice Cream with Champagne Caramel Sauce and whipped cream
  • Bowl Digger ($8.50): two scoops of chocolate ice cream with whipped cream, fudge and a cherry
  • All Day Vanilla Ice Cream Cake ($8 per slice): vanilla cake, vanilla ice cream, vanilla frosting

Scoops prove to be even larger than Kim’s engagement diamond, but kid-friendly enough for a play-date with North West.

While Kanye thinks ice cream lovers would to anything for a Klondike, we’d do pretty much anything to have the lines for this week-long menu not be out of control.

#KanyeIceCreamWeek runs through Saturday, June 12.