Homeless individual cuffed for murder of Queens man

Vincent Cole, 38, was charged with the alleged murder of 51-year-old Esan Benn.
Photo by Dean Moses

Thirty-eight-year-old homeless man Vincent Cole was led away in handcuffs Tuesday afternoon for the alleged brutal murder of a Queens man on Sunday.

Even as Cole was flanked by detectives, he maintained his innocence.

“You have got the wrong person. I have a twin running around here from Brooklyn trying to set me up,” Cole said before being shoved into an unmarked police car at the Midtown South Precinct.

Cole was arrested and charged. Photo by Dean Moses

According to police sources, Cole allegedly stabbed 51-year-old Esan Benn to death on West 38th Street and 7th Avenue at about 5:20 am Sunday. Police found Benn unresponsive on the pavement and EMS transported him to Lenox Hill hospital where he was pronounced dead. Upon examining Benn’s body, medical workers found multiple stab wounds.

Cole has been charged with murder.

Cole claimed he is innocent as he was escorted by detectives. Photo by Dean Moses